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Akio, Suigin Valley

Akio chapter 1

1. Ready or not

Akio and Gramps are attacked by an unknown assailant who is pursuing a gemstone ring. Wary of being hunted, Akio leaves the homestead seeking clarity on the ring and the whereabouts of his family.

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Akio chapter 2

2. The journey begins

Jobe’s highway patrol crew demand protection money from Akio. Gramps tracks and confronts the assailant that was after the ring. Bunti carries Akio down stream where he bumps into his crush Annette.

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Akio chapter 3

3. One step ahead

Akio arrives at Uncle Gussies compound where he finds out some history about the ring. Gramps hatches a plan to confirm the truth behind Sota’s story who was traveling with Kouki, the assailant after the ring.

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Akio chapter 4

4. Two steps inside

With help from the ‘Sleeping Dragon’ potion Akio gains more understanding of the Spirit and overcomes some deep routed trauma. Jobe’s crew jump Akio and his friends at the Dalos Moon festival.

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Akio chapter 5

5. Kindling in Kinboshi

Gramps decides to head to Kinboshi to confront Lord Suma about the ring. Meanwhile in Kinboshi Maya’s friend Sandy is arrested for theft. A rebel group named Strike come after the stolen goods.

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