Mount your friends - Up to 4 player and more, multiplayer sofa game

Mount your friends - Up to 4 player and more, multiplayer sofa game

Unique multiplayer turn-based gameplay well worth a try


6th Jul 2016 12:00
6th Jul 2016 13:36
Platforms: XBOX360, PC

I recommend this game because...
  • You can play with over 10 friends on local multiplayer
  • You only need one controller
  • The gameplay is very unique and fun
  • You can have some really intense games and close shaves
Really and truly you won't understand the beauty of this game until you get a few of your friends round for a blast. Don't try and get a head start either. I guarantee you and your friends will be ROFL if you boot this up for the first time all together.
On the surface this game is pretty basic. You take it in turns climbing to the top of a tower of people. Every time someone reaches the top the tower gets taller making the next player's turn that bit harder. If you don't make it to the top within the time limit you go out. The winner is the last man standing.

The game is genius in its simplicity. I have played many games with my friends and there have been times where everyone has ended up screaming and jumping out of their seats when someone makes it to the top with half a second to spare.

The game actually requires quite a bit of skill and concentration to master. The pressure of the time limit on top of your friends watching you climb can often be overwhelming. I've seen many people crumble under the pressure.
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