Vikings TV show - Why you should watch it

TV series worth watching, no spoilers don't worry

Vikings TV show  - Why you should watch it

6th Jul 2016 12:00
6th Jul 2016 13:35
You will enjoy this show if…
  • You like Medieval history and warfare
  • You like storyline twists and unexpected events
  • You want an idea about how vikings might of lived from their perspective
  • You can handle some pretty gruesome and bloody scenes
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This TV show starts strong and stays engaging. I just finished the 4th season and i will be watching the 5th when it drops. The show starts at the bottom. It tells the story of how a relatively average peasant farmer and his brother fight to preserve their names in history and gain their seat in Valhalla.

There are plenty of battles and action alongside politics and clever psychological plays. I wouldn't say it has great choreographed battles but it's generally above par for a TV show. Some of the bigger battles are pretty impressive to be fair.

The show does a good job of keeping you guessing how things are going to turn out. I have been surprised by a good handful of plot twists so far and my jaw hit the floor in awe at one in particular.

I'm no historian but the show does seem to give a fairley accurate representation of what life might have been like as a viking. It was particularly interesting to see the role of shield maidens amongst the vikings.

Favorite character: Lagertha
Least favorite character: Rollo
Favorite quote: “Yes we had an alliance, as equals, but as you can plainly see we are no longer equals. Everything has changed, for both of us. You must get used to it.”