11.22.63 Mini series overview


11.22.63 Mini series overview

11th Jul 2016 12:00
11th Jul 2016 12:02
Based on Stephen King's best selling novel fan's will be very happy with this mini-series. With Hollywood star James franco as the protagonist and a production value to match makes this easy viewing especially when there are only 8 episodes to get through.

The story follows James Franco who is given the task to go back in time to stop the assassination of president Kennedy. But he can only go back to 1960 so has to wait for three years until the assassination attempt. In the mean time he settles in nicely get's a job makes friends finds love. Of course as we've been told time and time again anything we change in the past blah blah blah.

Even simple living can have its drama's though. Along with preventing an assassination plot he has a lot more trouble flying his way in the shape of psycho ex-boyfriends revengeful bookies and even the taboos of 1960's America.