American Movie (1999) Independent filmaking documentary

Independent filmmaking

American Movie (1999) Independent filmaking documentary

11th Jul 2016 12:00
11th Jul 2016 12:07
For anyone who's had to suffer set back after set back in pursuing their creative passion this is a must watch. Relatable and humble you will no doubt be a fan and telling your friends about it afterwards.

This Documentary follows Mark Borchardt an everyday man on his endeavour to make his amateur film "North-western". But not long in to pre-production e finds he doesn't have the resources to make this film so decides to go back to a film he never finished "Coven" to fund "North-western". Even with the help of his best friend Mike Schank it doesn't get any easier. The characters are instantly likeable and you're on there side from the very beginning. You want them to achieve because at some point we've all been in Marks shoes maybe not with filming but some sort of pursuit of personal creative output.

I urge anyone to watch this film. It has highs and lows and will you leave you feeling good by the end of it especially to anyone who is experiencing set-backs in achieving their dreams.

Favorite quote: "So I was thinking I'm 30 years old and in about 10 seconds I gotta start cleaning up somebody's shit man"