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#7 Arcade combat mechanics (melee)

#7 Arcade combat mechanics (melee)

Prototype combat system


15th Sep 2016 12:00
15th Sep 2016 12:00
Last week i spoke about our concerns around trying out original gameplay mechanics. Since then we have been finalising the melee combat system for our first prototype.

We don't just want a repetitive hack and slash button mash game. But at the same time we don't want to exclude less skilled players. So we decided on having a basic hack and slash style with an added combo mechanism.
The combo system, for now, is going to work differently to how you would typically expect. You won't be hitting buttons and directions in a specific sequence like Street Fighter. Instead you will set-up a sequence of moves and then wait for that sequence to play out.
So you will need to look at your opponents and make accurate predictions to land combo hits. With every successful move in the sequence attack damage will increase. This is mostly inspired by traditional hand to hand fighting techniques that put an emphasis on predicting your opponent's next moves.

Im going to start programming this into the prototype so we can get a feel for if it will actually be any fun.
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