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#8 Arcade combat mechanics (ranged)

#8 Arcade combat mechanics (ranged)

Prototype combat system


22nd Sep 2016 16:00
22nd Sep 2016 16:00
This week we have been adding to the combat system with ranged attacks. Much like our melee system the ranged mechanic will have a simple button tap attack with an added targeting system for more skillful players.

The button tap system is simple. Hit 'attack' and your player launches a ranged attack in the direction you are facing.
range combat direction_1.gif
The targeting system will allow you to place precise shots. Firstly you draw your bow, doing this in time with the targeting overlay will give your shot more power, range and damage. Then you will select the direction of your shot before you let loose.
At the moment the targeting system does feel a little clunky. Over the next few days i'm going to work on the way you direct your shot to make the prototype a bit more enjoyable to play.
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