Black Sails - Why you should watch it

TV series worth watching, no spoilers don't worry

Black Sails - Why you should watch it

8th Jul 2016 12:00
8th Jul 2016 12:00
You will enjoy this show if…
  • You like storyline twists and unexpected events
  • You like fairly complicated storylines involving many key characters
  • You want an idea about how pirates might have lived from their perspective
  • You don't mind the majority of scenes being dialogue based as opposed to action based
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I just finished season 3 and i can't wait for the 4th. TV shows that start off good can often begin to feel dragged out by the second and third season. Black Sails is definitely an exception. The first season was good, i wouldn't say great, but it set up all the characters and the larger plot well which in the long run makes for a much richer story. Season 2 is where the series starts getting really interesting with the unveiling of some plot twists and a handful of really unexpected events. Season 3 is even better.

This show is one of the few that starts good and gets better season on season. It feels like the producers and story writers had a clear vision from the outset of how they were going to build the story and where they wanted to take it.

I'm no historian but the show does seem to give a fairley accurate representation of what life might have been like as a pirate. It has certainly made me feel like i understand a bit more about the motivations and circumstances for becoming a pirate in that time. Other than treasure and rum.

My only complaint is that i have not seen one parrot on any pirates shoulder so far. Hopefully they are saving that for a future season 😉

Favorite character: Mr Scott
Least favorite character: Dufresne
Favorite quote: “Shepard? You are the sheep.”