Bojack Horseman season 3 release date July 22nd

Bojack Horseman - Why you should watch it

Bojack Horseman season 3 release date July 22nd

22nd Jul 2016 12:00
22nd Jul 2016 16:55
Bojack Horseman is a big animated show with Will Arnett voicing the titular character. With the new season 3 set for release on July 22nd i thought this was a good day for a recommendation.

Bojack is a washed up actor who is still living the rich and lavished lifestyle of a big a Hollywood star. He hopes of becoming a big name celebrity once again so everybody loves him when he finally releases his autobiography. Although he's self-loathing he is frequently self-centered when trying to escape his problems due to his celebrity status.

Serendipitously he has his best friend Todd (Aaron Paul) a 24 year old slacker who lives on his sofa ever since a party 5 years ago. Although Bojack may complain about Todd on a daily basis he has his a reasons for keeping him around. The series put's Hollywood under a satirical microscope highlighting the non-problems A-listers deal with. It's more than just a cartoon with so many contrasting characters it's hard not to see yourself in some of them, I know it's a cartoon and they're not real but just check it out. It's a breath of fresh air and gets better with each episode, with so many jokes not only heard but visually added in by the animators, that by re-watching it reveals something you missed first time round.