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[Dev Diary #15] Changing of the Seasons

Season effect on Gameplay

#15 Changing of the Seasons

10th Nov 2016 12:00
12th Nov 2016 14:51
This week we'd like to introduce you to Next Winters' Season system and how it affects gameplay.

You can keep track of the time of year by keeping an eye on the landscape and the vegatation.

You will experience a full cycle from spring to winter. Different jobs and actions suit different times of the year.


Spring is the rebuilding and re-stocking phase. you will scramble to re-gather food and supplies to re-stock and repair your town(s) after the winter devastation.
You won't feel much or any pressure from Cyandom's army during this time for they will also be focused on re-stocking and re-building.
You will confront them mostly in the wild far between any borders, fighting over resources and post-winter loot.


In the summer you will face increasingly strong Cyandom forces harassing your borders. Especially toward the end of summer near the ideal harvest time.
During the summer period you must be vigilant in protecting your resource gathering operations. Cyandom will be coming in force for your crops and raw materials.
By doing this they will cut off supply to your towns and then begin to lay siege to your weakened towns for resources and territory.
Hopefully you will have taken advantage of the spring period to prepare yourselves for the Cyan threat.


Should you survive the high summer fighting against Cyandom, you will pass through the autumn period. Much like spring, the autumn is a phase of rebuilding and stocking supplies.
You won't have so much trouble from Cyandom anymore as they withdraw to prepare themselves for the winter. You will also take advantage of this period to rebuild and re-stock after the Cyandom devastation.
By now the farms you control will have taken the last and biggest harvest to stock your towns for winter. Deliver everything you can from outside of your towns and make sure your walls and defense are in good order.


Winter is of course the most fatal and unforgiving period. For as the winter sets in all of your food gathering processes come to a halt due to the frost. Traveling anywhere outside of one of your built up towns becomes extremely difficult and risky. Pulling in raw materials becomes almost impossible.
However, the biggest threat you will face during the winter is not the frost, the difficulty of transport and food shortages. But rather it is the threat you will face from the hordes of the undead and the supernatural that are awoken by the NightLight and the Cold!