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[Dev Diary #19] Characters

Obboe the Book-keeper

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6th Jan 2017 11:05
11th Feb 2017 17:27
This week we are officially adding Obboe; "the Book-keeper" to the list of key characters in Next Winter
Obboe, is as his nick-name suggests... he is the Book-Keeper. He is one of the three leaders of the Troikan Cruxalan expedition.

Specifically he is the ambassador of Greenun for Troika, and the head of resource management for Troika. Obboe decides what the most needed resources are for each town based on reports of his subordinates.

He will inform you of which resources are giving the most karma in which town.

He is in command of the general population. Meaning your town's computer-controlled population will focus on gathering materials that Obboe has decided are most needed at any given time.

Check in Next week for more announcements!