Death Note, A Great Psychological Anime Series

One of the most clever and intense Animies around

Death Note, A Great Psychological Anime Series

6th Feb 2017 12:00
6th Feb 2017 12:49
The real value of this series is within it's imaginative and complex story line. From episode to episode i was impressed and engaged by how unpredictable the story's flow was. Without spoiling anything the story is about a student who finds a notebook that can kill anyone in the world when their name is written inside it. The meat of the story however is about the student trying to use the note book while evading the authorities that are investigating the deaths he is causing. It's not so clear whether the key character, Light Yagami, is good or bad. Either way i found myself rooting for him while he conducted meticulously thought out plans to evade his pursuers.
This is far from a lighthearted watch. It doesn't contain visual spectacles or juicy animations. But it's story is an intense and thrilling one and the accompanying artwork reinforces the emotions of the dialog well. I can honestly say that i am yet to find any series, film or book that has an intertwining story line that constantly left me shocked and impressed like Death Note did.