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#4 Deciding how to make a multiplayer survival game

#4 Deciding how to make a multiplayer survival game

A few things we considered


25th Aug 2016 12:00
25th Aug 2016 12:00
So we have an idea for a game. Now how to make it a reality? Hard work and a strong determination of course.

We don't have much money so we will have to use blood, sweat and no tears for now. I will be using Unity with C# to program the game, because it’s free and SmartFoxServer with Java to program the server, because it's free 😉 No to be fair i have done a lot of reading into different frameworks and tools for building games. Unity and SFS seem like the best combo for what we are trying to achieve. Although they do both have free tiers we will end up paying if the game takes off. Which is a perfect model for indie developers like ourselves who have very limited funds.

Its way too early to confirm the platforms we want to ship the finished game on. To begin with we will focus on PC, MAC and maybe web browsers. In the long run it would be nice to deploy to consoles as well. Hopefully using Unity will help a lot with cross platform deployment when we get there.
2D… or... 3D… Well 3D could be amazing. But it's just me and my brother working on this game at the moment and we need a playable prototype as soon as possible. So we will start with 2D. Plus my brothers art style is pretty cool, so we should end up with a juicy looking game to play after a few months work.

For now i will start working through our prototype feature list.
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