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#1 Developing a multiplayer survival game

#1 Developing a multiplayer survival game

Game Announcement: Next Winter - Online


4th Aug 2016 13:00
10th Aug 2016 15:56
Our team here at Dream Baked (me and my brother 😉) would like to reveal a game we have been preparing to work on for over a year now. After saving up funds from paid work for clients we finally have enough money to feed ourselves for a few months while we work full time on our new game. So here is a breakdown of our game idea and the start of our development diary.

Fundamentally it is a cooperative survival game. You and the other players in the server will start with a single building, at the start of spring in your first year. If that building is destroyed then the game is over. By the time winter arrives you will need to have built your base to a level strong enough to survive the onslaught of winter. (Years will pass within a number of in-game minutes)
The forces of winter grow stronger every year you survive and will bring new challenges. Increasing your town's production year on year will be key to your survival. You will need to collect raw resources like wood, stone and metal to construct buildings, defences and weaponry. As your hometown grows it will attract computer controlled inhabitants that will aid in your survival efforts. Bigger towns require more food production and more food stores to last the winter. It wont be long before you have to expand and found new towns, through exploration and conquest!

However, A big and successful town will also attract the negative attention of Cyandom. They are the dominant power, in control of the whole land. They will put their best efforts up to disrupt you're towns supply lines and even lay siege to your towns that are doing too well. Cyandom Will hassle you all year except for winter, Inside and outside of your territories.

The world is filled with items to discover that will improve your survival chances. Revealing right now exactly what is out there will spoil the fun but rest assured you must expand to survive. However exploring outside of your town boundaries will require food supplies to be taken from your stores so you will need to be tactical about expeditions.

That's pretty much the overall idea. A cooperative survival game that gives you plenty of freedom to build and explore wherever you like. We will be posting to this diary every Thursday until we launch the game. We welcome your suggestions so feel free to get involved by leaving comments.
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