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#2 Drawing inspirations for game development

#2 Drawing inspirations for game development

How we come up with game ideas


11th Aug 2016 12:00
11th Aug 2016 12:00
I know some people can get uptight about copies or rip offs. Especially if there was an attempt to take credit for other people's work. So before we go any further here is a list of the key artistic works that we have been exposed to during our lives and how we have drawn inspiration from them for the game we are developing.

Age of Empires (AOE)

From the moment a friend showed me this game at age 11 i was mesmerized. “What you can build a city? Wait you can recruit and control armies? Nooooo you can conquer other cities, with your armies? OMG?!?!” The amount of hours me and my brother have sunk into this game over the years is actually a little scary.
In AOE you manage all of the citizens in your city. In our game you will play as an individual citizen and work collaboratively with other players to manage and expand your civilization. Your individual contribution towards improving your team's civilization will be tracked and you will gain recognition and rewards for your efforts.

Game of Thrones

I didn't read the books before the TV series took hold, like i did with Lord of the Rings, so i can't claim to be an original fan. But Game of Thrones is certainly a brilliant piece of work and if you're not watching it i strongly recommend it.

To any Game of Thrones fan the similarity is clear. The preparation for winter is about more than a scarcity of food. In our game the arrival of winter will bring an onslaught of terrible winter creatures to defeat in order to survive. This is also the case in Game of Thrones.
Giving full credit to Game of Thrones for the idea is a bit of an overstatement though. Defending against hordes of enemies is always fun in our books. Whether they be zombies, locust, giant insects or whatever else.


For me the best thing about playing minecraft was the exploration into the unknown. Every time i discovered a new item my mind would race through the possible uses for it. It’s this feeling that we will be trying to replicate in our game.


I spent an unhealthy amount of life on this game back in the day. We aren't going to be bringing the endless, mindless grinding to our title so relax. What we do want to bring is the rare items that only the pros will be wielding. There will be rare weaponry and armour hidden deep in the world and rest assured, if you get hold of it, your teammates will bow to your awesomeness.
Well that's the main inspirations acknowledged and out in the open. Hopefully that helps you see what kind of vibe we are going for.
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