Fight to Survive

Fight to Survive

Survive Cyandom's Armies. Then survive the NEXT WINTER.

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A brainwashed army has taken control of the land and needs to be expelled. An even bigger threat to you're survival in Cruxalan will come in the form of terrible winters that not only bring unbearable weather, but bring forth hordes of the undead and supernatural that prey upon the conscious living.


In order to survive Next Winter, you must build before the next winter. You must keep the armies of Cyandom at bay during the warm seasons while you stock your towns with enough food and supplies to survive the winter. You must commission the construction of resource processing sites like farms, lumber mills and metal refineries. The construction of houses for your people to dwell in, and fortifying walls to protect them from Cyandom and the forces of winter.

You must expand and explore searching for more resources and items in order to survive. staying in one place will lead to certain demise when the armies of Cyandom close in, followed by the mercilessness of winter.

You will come across many challenges during you're expeditions. You must go forth as explorers and conquerors. You can expect to come across the armies of Cyandom in the field as they move around and take over the lands territories.
You will also come across towns that are controlled by and fuelling the Cyandom's efforts to remove you and you're peoples from the land. These towns MUST be conquered by force if you and you're people are to survive.

The Underground
There will also be dungeons scattered throughout the world. Fighting your way into the depths of dungeons will be difficult and risky but the loot will be worth it. This is where you will be uncovering rare weapons, armour and items to aid you in battle.
We love to hear your thoughts so if you have a suggestion or question then post it below. The game is still in the early stages of development so your input can make a big difference. We read everything.
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