Firefly, One season is simply not enough

Firefly, One season is simply not enough

Firefly a space-western series

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20th Oct 2016 09:11
20th Oct 2016 09:11
Before I go in on this I would just like to warn anyone who hasn't watched this show, not to. Unless, you can deal with extreme heart ache and forever questioning why they stopped making it after only one season!

This space-western takes us 500 years into the future after a universal civil-war, on board Serenity a small transport ship with a renegade crew who will take any job and don't much care what it is. Surviving out on the habitable fringes of the star system, Firefly takes you on an adventure of love, friendship, betrayal, companionship and discovery. Each character compliments one another and often brings out the best and worse in each other, giving the show an important and steady balance. These elements combined make this show an instant classic partnered up with great story telling.

This is with out a doubt not only a show not to miss but also to be missed once you watched it even after the third time. I can't urge people to watch this show enough whatever I have to say doesn't do it justice because it is that good. I've seen documentaries of grown men crying over how good it is and I can't blame them, it's more than just a show to some people, much more.

Joss Whedon (creator) is well known for Buffy, Angel and The Avengers film franchise but Firefly is his masterpiece.

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