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[Dev Diary #12] Immersive Atmosphere 2

Growing and Dancing in the Wind

#12 Immersive Atmosphere 2

20th Oct 2016 12:00
20th Oct 2016 12:00
Welcome to the second entry in Next Winter's immersive atmosphere development. This week we have begun creating some of the foliage that will appear in the game. Trees that bare harvestable fruit and usable grains.

In the last atmosphere entry, we stated how the changes in season will effect the growth of harvestable plants.

In Next Winter all plants, fruits, herbs, and all usable growth will take the time needed in the sunny season. Starting off as shoots or fruitless and leafless trees. They will grow and toward the end of the summer they will begin to bare fruit. Whilst the summer is young and plants are just growing you will spend time looking for abundant growth, and sowing you're own farms. The you will focus on planning and building the defence of the areas you have found containing valuable and abundant growth. For Cyandom will likely be aware of you're work and they will begin to raid en masse around harvest time... Just when the fruits of your labours are ready to be picked.
We have also begun to create some base animation in Unity for when the wind touches the plants and trees. This will help to create that immersive atmosphere to keep you locked in and feel involved in a breathing and functioning world.
As development on the game's atmosphere progresses. We will show you how you will observe the growth of plants, and the changes in wind speeds and weather in order to know how far off winter is.