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[Dev Diary #14] Resources - Gems

Gems of Power

#14 Resources - Gems

3rd Nov 2016 12:00
3rd Nov 2016 12:00
Gems in Next winter are the most prized resource. Each gem has their own unique practical application. The gems’ individual applications increase productivity and performance of the individual and the community.

In combination they can used to create Sound Systems...
More details on how sound systems work in the game will be unveiled over the course of the development diary.

The gems are split into two groups. Physical and Mystical gems. Red, Green and Blue are Physical gems. Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow gems are Mystical gems.
PhysicalAndMystical KarmaGems.png
Gems are found all around the world. They are most present underground in caves. The deeper you go the more gems you will find
Physical gems are activated by physical interactions with other physical matter (wood,stone, metal and gems). When struck perfectly in the sacred rhythms and patterns they emit physical energies. Physical Gems are more common than Mystical gems. They are also less dense and easier to cut, smooth, and make ready for use than Mystical gems.

Mystical gems stay active once activated. They continuously emit un-detectable energy that affect mental processes.

Each gem has a different type of energy that it emits...

-Green gems manipulate the physical environment when activated. Green gems send powerful vibrations when struck. These vibrations can be used in gentle rhythms to strengthen the roots and stems of a field of crops. They can calm the nerve and soul and provide healing for a group of people. Or they can disintegrate and break-down physical structures.

-Red gems vibrations create fire and heat when activated. They can be struck with metals or other gems to spark the flames. They can be used in material production buildings to power mechanisms that increase productivity.

-Blue gems unleash electricity when activated. They can be used in production buildings to enhance mechanisms and further increase productivity

-Yellow gems raise certain brain activity to supernatural heights allowing one to become hyper-analytical and precise. They are used to weigh and measure objects accurately. They can reveal every component that makes up an object so it can be replicated or re-produced. This leads to technological advancements across the board. However, in order to achieve these advancements you must build the Academia temple which requires yellow gems. They can also be used with Green gems to increase Green gems output.

-Magenta gems can be used as a bank to hold any karma that you have earned. In the case that you are slain, you're heir will be able to use any karma that you stored in a Magenta.
You can only use them in this way when you have built an Archive. They can be used with Red gems to burn more intense fire

-Cyan gems resonate with the mind of whoever is closest to it. It draws your consciousness up into itself, allowing you to function almost without thinking. It makes the wearer able to do more physical activity and use less energy. It also gives one courage to keep your morale up. However, it does burn your consciousness in order to keep you moving. So if you over do it you may lose your mind to the night light and be lost forever.