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[Dev Diary #13] Resources - Raw & Cut Materials

Gather, Transport, & Cut

#13 Resources - Raw & Cut Materials

27th Oct 2016 12:00
27th Oct 2016 12:00
Raw materials must be gathered in order to build and maintain your town. A constant supply is needed in order for the town to continue to be productive and ultimately survive the next winter.

There are currently 4 main raw materials: Wood, Stone, Metal, and Gems.

Wood, stone and metal are used in all of the obvious practical ways. To build and maintain buildings and to create tools, weapons, and armour.
Gems are the most prized resource. The uses of gems will be explained over one or more later development diary entries.

Each material is gathered in a mine or lumber camp. Usually situated some distance from any towns, as a raw material. Meaning it is not in a useable state and needs to be cut before you can make anything with it., bar a couple exceptions
Cutting/Processing buildings include lumber mills, stone masons, Smelters and Gem cutters. These would be situated within a town. They will use the raw materials that are brought back into town and convert them into useable, cut material.