Tekkon kinkreet (Treasure Town, 2006) - Why you should watch it

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Tekkon kinkreet (Treasure Town, 2006) - Why you should watch it

30th Aug 2016 11:00
30th Aug 2016 11:32

Tekkon Kinkreet

Tekkon Kinkreet is a Japanese expression for something... of what i'm not completely sure, i've read two or three different interpretations. What I am sure of is the fact that this animated film is one of a kind. One that will singe a print on your movie memory that wont fade away.

The film is about two raggedy orphan brothers Black & White who patrol a fictional city known as Treasure Town. Their main concern is the safeguarding of what black refer's to as "His Town". Safeguarding against small time hooligans, thugs, and street gangs. Up to top tier Yakuza and "Businessmen". They will face their biggest threat when a global corporation moves into town with plans of tearing the whole slum down and replacing it with a theme park.

As there names, Black & White suggest, they have completely opposite personalities. Black is the violent enforcer with the ice-cold heart backed up by a red-hot temperament. He is the braun, but he is also the brains in many ways. White on the other hand, is the younger brother and a soft, compassionate soul who see's mostly good in everything. Despite the rough situation, he seems to have his head in the clouds most of the time. White serves to keep black from being completely lost outside of the realm of humanity and sanity, While black violently protects white at all times.
Black Image Source: http://lndras.tumblr.com/post/111021481551
White Image Source: http://kurapika04.tumblr.com/post/144252017572
You will find this film on most platforms under the genre 'Anime'. This might bring to mind that cookie-cutter art style. Featuring character designs duplicated from a countless number of separate anime pieces. Alongside subject matter so strange and over the top that its hard to want to follow.
Rest assured, that this here "Anime" carries none of the above .

Created by Studio 4°c, the same studio behind the animated series Batman: Gotham Knight which has the same signature and unique art style.
Michael Arias directed the film. He worked closely to achieve the visual effects found in gorgeous looking movies like Spirited away, Prince of Egypt and Princess Mononoke. It's no wonder why this film's visual are so mesmerising. It's one of those that you could watch on mute and still appreciate.

While this movie is extremely surreal, somehow it still feels real and relatable. It doesn't go so far down surreal avenue that it becomes tasteless and hard to follow. But it has enough over the top action sequences and whimsical scenes to make it memorable.

Tekkon Kinkreet doesn't have the most solid narrative or the tightest plot. But it more than makes up for it with sheer quality of production and attention to detail. You can feel the passion and care that must have went into making this movie.

If you like movies that are unique and distinguishable from almost every other, then Tekkon Kinkreet is worth every penny and every second.