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[Dev Diary #18] The Story Behind Next Winter

Storyline & Context

#18 The Story Behind Next Winter

30th Dec 2016 12:00
30th Dec 2016 12:00
We must begin with an apology for last week's absence from development. This was due to begin out of an office space for a while. Since we have moved into another and are back on track!

Now we are tackling the actual story behind the game to give all of you some context. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing the key locations & characters within the world.

Firstly, we will begin with the game's world map...
The game takes part in 'Cruxalan' . The most central and prosperous country in the whole world. Where all the world's nations came together to exchange culture and trade. At-least until the ice-age, in which the game Next Winter takes place.
Cyandom have conquered most of the Cruxalan over the course of the Ice-Age. All the way from the 'Eastanea passage' down to 'Rokawae'. It will be your job to first secure Rokawae, where Cyandom's presence is at its least... Then push all the way north through to the passage, and re-open the Cruxalan to the world.
We will end it with this sneak peak at a page from the illustrative novel that will tell the story of the raggamuffin's world that will begin being released episodically in the near future.

Check back next week for a update on some key characters in the story !