Victoria (2015)  - Why you should watch it

Victoria (2015) - Why you should watch it

Movie worth watching, DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER


8th Jul 2016 12:00
8th Jul 2016 12:00
You will enjoy this movie if…
  • You know what it's like to be out raving all night and get home after 5am
  • You can stick with films that are slow to get going (this one's worth it)
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DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER because it spoils the film. In my opinion this film is more enjoyable when you know nothing about the plot beforehand.
This film follows a girl on a random night out in Berlin. I'm not going to say anything more about the plot.

The film is a masterpiece. The whole film is shot on one camera with one continuous take from start to finish. This gives the film a really immersive feel, as if you are watching real events unfolding naturally. Big respect to everyone involved in its production.

Favorite character: Victoria
Favorite quote: “It’s my car!”
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Victoria (2015)
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